Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Actors Guild poised to eradicate sexual harassment of members

The  Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) says that it is poised to eradicating all forms of alleged sexual harassment of its members by some alleged producers under the pretext of allocating juicy roles to them in their films.

The recently chose National President of AGN, Emeka Ejezie, said that it was a piece of his authority's endeavors at cleaning the business.

Ejezie was as of late chosen the leader of AGN amid the simply closed Peace and Reconciliatory Committee's meeting held in Enugu in August.

"What's more, such charges against film makers by performing actresses may either be valid or false, however we will raise eyebrows to guarantee it doesn't exist.

"We will reestablish rational soundness into the business by crusading against lewd behavior of our individuals and guarantee it starts to possess its pride of place,'' he said.

He said that the guild would also develop a database that would checkmate the activities of those who come into the guild with other motives rather than acting.

“We are going to expose the bad eggs in the industry if at all they exist by creating a database of actors; this will afford us the opportunity to know the real actors and fish out imposters,’’ he said.

The president also said that the new executive would try to identify producers who were alleged to be extorting monies from young actors with a promise to allocate good roles to them in their films.

“ Most times, these amateur artistes may end up not getting such juicy roles often promised after they must have sold their bodies to such dubious producers,” he said.

Ezeji also reacted to the public perception that most styles of story lines were portraying fetish or traditional norms.

He said that it was the business of script writers and producers but not the actors.

“Actors and actresses are like messengers; we follow the directives of film producers who give us scripts, it is what the script says that we act,” he said.

He, however, said that the guild would create an affiliation with the bodies in charge of scripts and producers to fine tune the quality of Nigerian films.

 Ezeji said that the organization would likewise urge scriptwriters and makers to wander into composing contents on issues, for example, Agriculture, Engineering and Information Technology that could improve national advancement.

He said that the new official would guarantee that there is heartfelt connection between youthful performing actresses and the veterans for the development of the business.

"We might not disillusion the Peace and Reconciliatory Committee, headed by Chief Remi Ohajianya, that saddled our official with the assignment of joining the different groups into one substance,"
he said.

The Peace and Reconciliatory Committee's gathering that prompted the race of the new official finished a very long time of authority emergency that had shaken the society.

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