Thursday, 14 September 2017

Labour Threatens Indefinite Strike From Friday

President of United Labour Congress, Joe Ajaero

The United Labor Congress on Wednesday debilitated that workers in the nation would set out on an inconclusive strike if the Federal Government neglected to meet its requests by Friday ( tomorrow ) . 

The threat came barely two weeks after the Federal Ministry of Labor and Employment reacted to the specialists through a letter , which the ULC said "to a great extent neglected to enough address the basic issues brought up in our requests ."

The union issued the strike threat after an emergency meeting of its National Administrative Committee , which was held jointly with the National Strike Committee in Lagos.

In a statement signed by the President , ULC , Joe Ajaero, the union urged Nigerians to take precaution and stock up necessities, saying , “The strike will be very effective as we hope to cripple all modes of transportation within the nation ; ensure a total blackout nationwide ; cut off petroleum product supplies ; and disrupt banking operations, which will make life a bit more difficult for Nigerians.

“We regret these consequences on all of us , but we hope that these measures will help us create a nation that is better governed for the benefits of Nigerian workers and Nigerian masses.”

The demands of the union include the immediate payment of all arrears of salaries owed workers at all levels of government without exception.

Ajaero added that other demands were that “the Federal Government honours its 2009 agreement with university lecturers under the umbrella of ASUU quickly and commences negotiations with them on new issues so that our universities will re - open.

“The roads leading to all the petroleum refineries and depots nationwide be repaired by the government to avoid the present carnage , wastage of products and properties on these roads.

“That the government should demand that the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment set up a task force immediately to carry out factory inspections as most of our factories are death traps.”

The workers are likewise requesting a prompt review of the privatization of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria , among others .

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